Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Who Is Most At Risk of LBO (lawyer burnout) and What To Do About It.

Usually, it is the best and the brightest lawyers who are most vulnerable to lawyer burnout. Ambitious, capable people, who have high expectations of themselves are particularly susceptible. So, if the following tends to describe you...you may be at risk:

Feel a pressure to succeed: What lawyer doesn't?

Tend to over-commit: Multi-tasking and taking on an unreasonably heavy work load is a way of life for most attorneys.

Need to be in control all the time: A prerequisite for being a great lawyer

Lack work-life balance: With all the billables, cases and clients...who has time for a life?

Tend to be inflexible: Lawyers are trained to pick a side and stick to it.

Unable to relax: Tough to relax when you have looming deadlines, mounting voice and e-mails and demanding clients.

What you can do

Get help.

Too often lawyers like to do things on their own. Check out your firm's EAP program or seek out the help of therapist or a Professional Coach who specializes in working with lawyers.

Here are some things you can do you your own to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with burnout:

If you think you may be suffering from burnout and you'd like to get some help...send an e-mail to Info@EsqDevelopmentInstitute.com to set up a complimentary coaching session.

Sunday, December 31, 2006


Tips for Lawyers: Creating Effective Habits in the New Year

Its that time of year where we all feel enormous pressure to make resolutions for personal and professional improvement.

Lawyers are no exception!

The problem is too often we set new goals without a real plan of how were going to avoid reverting to our old habits.

Habits can be a friend or foe. Think of a habit as a pattern of behavior. Successful habits...help us to achieve success...other less success building habits can serve to undermine our efforts to achieve.

Here is a great exercise for getting rid of old habits and replacing them with habits designed to help you to effectively achieve your objectives.

List 3 or more habits that are currently holding you back from achieving your goals and describe how these habits negatively impact your life.

Habit: Overspending: No savings/investments for the future
Impact: Unable to achieve financial and retirement goals' stressed about money

List successful habits you will choose to adopt in place of the "bad" habits and the benefits of adopting the new habit

Successful New Habit: Begin investing with the help of a financial planner.
Benefits: Debt free, financial freedom, comfy retirement.

Create a 3 step action plan to jumpstart each new habit. Be specific, pick a start date, a completion date and get started!


Action Plan
1 Find an excellent financial planner
2 Set up a monthly savings and investment plan
3 Create a realistic spending plan and look for ways to trim unnecessary spending

Start Date: January 7
Completion date: January 17th

Implementing new habits, new patterns of behavior, will take time. Stay committed to the process and you’ll soon achieve your desired results.

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