Monday, October 31, 2005


Stress can make you um... what's the word??? Oh yeah...forgetful!

The Charlotte Observer reported a couple of months ago that scientists have found that high-pressure and stressful situations trigger a brain-clouding enzyme that causes forgetfulness. In light of the stress many lawyers cope with on a daily's amazing that they get anything done! Might this be why the wheels of justice turn so slowly?

"How many people have gotten home after a blindingly stressful day and realized they've forgotten some important event or errand?

Now at least there's a scientific explanation for the oversight.

Stress makes you forgetful.

People going on stage or taking an exam or finding themselves in similarly tough situations already knew this. of course."

According to Dr. Amy Arnsten of Yale Medical school, "Stressful situations in which the individual has no control were found to activate an enzyme in the brain called protein kinase C, which impairs the short-term memory and other functions in the prefrontal cortex, the executive-decision part of the brain. (Mmmmm I wonder what this might mean when witnesses during trials and depos keep stating..." I can't recall"...might they be so stressed out that they just clean FORGET critical information?!?)

Amazingly enough, it is reported that this enzyme is also active in bi-polar disorder and schizeophrenia. Now that's disturbing information.

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