Monday, December 27, 2004


The picture of Sssstresss!!

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Lawyers...In Need of Some Work Life Balance?

Working over 80 hours a week? Can't seem to get it all done? Stressed all the time??

Well you're not alone.

Today an increasing number of lawyers are experiencing burnout, low productivity, insomnia, and stress related illnesses...undoubtedly due to a lack of balance between their work and personal lives.

Although the concepts of achieving balance are simple, actually creating a balanced life isn't easy, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Here are some steps to help you on your journey toward life balance. It's a process so be patient with yourself. It will also require that you closely examine your personal and professional life.

  1. Living for the expectations of others at work and at home
  2. Consistently putting the needs of others before your own
  3. Fear of change
  4. Hung up on appearances
  5. Perfectionism

Once you identify your blockers pay attention to when you use them as excuses to justify why you can't achieve balance in your life. Explore ways to accomplish your balance goals in spite of your particular balance blockers.

Share some of your current work-life balance strategies. What's worked? In what ways does your employer support you in creating work-life balance?

Sunday, December 26, 2004


A law firm that supports lawyers with lives?!?!

I was really excited to read "Having a Life Too", an article published in the October 2004 issue of The American Lawyer. The article focuses on what appears to be remarkable firm.

"Arent Fox offers more than lip service toward treating its associates as adults. Arent Fox pointedly recruits associates who have extracurricular interests beyond the law. The firm trusts associates like Besunder, who alternates taking classes in Spanish and Hebrew each semester, to be mature enough to balance both their work and their hobbies. "Law has never been how I define myself," says Joanne Schehl, chair of the professional development committee. She teaches yoga, tastes wine, bicycles, and gardens.

Rather than distracting her from her practice, Schehl insists that these interests make her a better lawyer as well as a better marketer. "I can build clients through personal relationships because I have my own life."

In addition;

Doesn't this all sound downright REVOLUTIONARY!! I mean.. a firm that "pointedly recruits associates who have extracurricular interests beyond the law," trusts them to balance work and life, and tells them when they're working too hard??!

"On financial measures, Arent Fox is less successful than other big D.C. firms. For example, the firm's revenue per lawyer in 2003, $545,000, ranks 13th among the 17 capital-area Am Law 200 firms. Midlevels earn a lower base salary, averaging $141,000, according to survey respondents, compared with $149,000 at other Am Law 200 D.C. firms. But, as Kanna explains, at 1,900 hours, Arent Fox has a lower billable hours expectation, and the productivity bonuses are guaranteed in writing. "I like knowing exactly: I work this much, I get this much," says Kanna. Thanks to those bonuses, Kanna says that he's on par with other associates around D.C. "
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