Monday, January 24, 2005


The message in the world's tragedies...Live well Live now

It's only the end of January and the number of natural disasters that we've witnessed this year on both a national and international scale are simply devasating.

I can hardly watch what has taken place in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Somalia, India and more....without weeping.

The mudslides in California the mass rapes and murders in Rwanda and the Congo, all seem like they bear several messages. Yet the message that jumps out to me is this:

Live Now, Life Well Live Fully.

What does that mean?

Clearly it will mean different things for each of us. For overworked lawyers driven by filing dates, trials, billables client meetings and overwhelming means STOP.

STOP wasting time...stop putting off your life.

It means START looking for ways to connect with your unique purpose.

START designing a life that is in alignment with your values.

START making loved ones a priority.

START finding beauty in simple things.

START expecting wonderful things to happen.

START finding ways to colloborate instead of clash.

START seeing the gift in each day.

START realizing that your life can change in an instant.

START building allies.

START living from the inside out instead of the outside in.

START realizing that perfectionism is a crock.

START living life now. Live it well. Live it fully.

Who knows what tommorow may bring.

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